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Sometimes you don't have the capability to test remotely but still require an agile, on demand testing solution. That's the situation Imagination was in when they approached us. With a multitude of bespoke applications to test and little time to test them in, we offered to send a few of our Cloud Testers up to their offices to help hit those deadlines. Applying the same initative and enthusaism that we employ with our remoted cloud tests, we were able to help them ensure their software was polished and presentable for some of the biggest automotive shows on the planet.

Our support didn't stop there. When you engage with Cloud Testers, you bring in the multi-track spacialities of the whole of Centre4 Testing. Along with our continued on site Cloud Testers service, we also helped Imagination to set up a more formal testing process, as well an automated testing capability. We've now integrated their needs into our in-house device lab, meaning that they can continue to get top-quality testing at an even more competitive rate.

"Cloud Testers is a valued partner supporting JWT's digital delivery. They are professional, thorough and flexible, providing us with great support, value and peace of mind across multiple high value client projects and a wide range of digital outputs."
- Simon Monaghan, J. Walter Thompson


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