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What We Do

We provide a flexible testing solution for organisations who may not necessarily find it worthwhile to maintain their own in-house testing team or test lab, or for organisations who require a little bit of extra scrutiny to supplement their existing set-up.

We provide a fully on-demand service which allows us to expand or shrink our testing teams to meet your requirements on a case by case basis, whether you need one tester in three days or a hundred testers in a week, we'll be able to provide the solution you need.

We provide a 'cloud' of 600+ professional, expert testers, which can be utilised to cover your projects over an almost limitless range of devices: from the newest and most popular mobile devices, to more exotic gadgets like VR equipment and wearable tech.

We provide a comprehensive management and reporting system, which will allow you and your developers to easily keep track of any issues we find, as well as an intuitive project management platform to help you improve your software in the long-term.

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“Cloud Testers is a valued partner supporting JWT’s digital delivery. They are professional, thorough and flexible, providing us with great support, value and peace of mind across multiple high value client projects and a wide range of digital outputs.”
- Simon Monaghan, J. Walter Thompson

How We Do It


We will use whatever method of access our client feels most confident with. Whether it's working through their own networking systems or using our secure VPN connection, to ensure that our clients' data is treated with the respect it deserves

Fully Managed

When Cloud Testers engage with a client, we bring our own project management platform and dedicated test manager to ensure that your test cycle is thorough and efficient.

Any Device, Anywhere

Our private 'cloud' of professional software testers ensures that we are able to engage with any organisation, regardless or where they are in the world. It also means we can test any application on any device, without the need for emulation.

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“Innovation, together with constant refinement, runs through our veins. Our Cloud Testers service is surely the perfect example of what we can do when we collaborate and innovate as a community of testing professionals.”
- Andy Hillier, Head of Cloud Testers

Who We Are

Cloud Testers is the OnDemand service of Centre4 Testing - a company which provides a wide range of software testing solutions. Be it providing on demand software testing services (as we do), helping companies set up and maintain automation and performance testing infrastructures (our OnTrack service), or sourcing both permanent and contract software testers (our OnSite service).

Cloud Testers was established three years ago, in response to the explosive growth in the mobile software market. We pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge when it comes to both mobile and web testing, as well as our enthusiasm for all new technology. Our core team is based in Brighton, but our cloud of professional software testers are scattered all over the UK.


andy hillier

Head of Cloud Testers

Ben meredith

Cloud Testers Engagement Lead

Ben Bisley

Cloud Testers Business Development

Account Managers

Andy Gunn

Chris Ash

Michael Evans

Miles Harris

Richard Morris

Richard Hafez

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“Our partnership with Centre4 Testing, provides us with a flexible, seamless extension to our own testing capability, to help ensure our clients enjoy a positive user experience and maximise performance of our award winning products.”
- Tom Meagher, Somo

Join Us

So what does it take to join Cloud Testers? Obviously some testing experience is needed, we pride ourselves on having a pool of bright, proactive and expert testers to call upon. This ensures that we provide a service that delivers more than expected every time. Usually this means that we require at least three years of experience in a testing role before your application will be considered.

However, we also understand that an excellent tester doesn't just come from what's written on your CV: it's about your attention to detail and that voice in the back of your head saying "but what if I try this?" If you reckon you've got what it takes to join our team then apply away! We'll put you on our Apprentice Program to give you a chance to prove yourself and, if successful, you'll join our expert cloud.

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When can I expect my first project?

Our service is based on a flexible, on demand sensibility. This means that requirements can occur with little notice, so we can't promise you a specific window in which you will be offered a project. We also run on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it may take a few goes before you are selected for a project - we find it helps to have access to an uncommon device, as there'll be fewer other testers who may send in a response.

What can I expect on my first project?

Our first role internally is to put the team together, to ensure we have the right skills and availability to complete the project on time. Each team member then receives a detailed brief, as well as access to our Test Management Tool, which will be configured for your test execution steps. Then its down to you!

How do I get paid?

Once a project has been completed, you simply send us an invoice with the appropriate project code, supplied at the end of the work. Invoices are paid within 5 days of submission, providing they contain the correct information!

What type of projects would I be working on?

Projects are really varied. They cover lots of different technologies, so they could be a great opportunity to improve your own experience. Projects we have recently undertaken include purely web-based systems, internal bespoke systems, mobile apps, proxy servers and client applications. There is no limit to the variety of projects you could get involved in, and our clients come from many different industries.

How much can I earn as a Cloud Tester?

Cloud Testers are paid a fixed amount for each project they undertake. You can choose which projects you wish to undertake depending on the amount of free time you have, and the amount of work we have available.

Can I work as a Cloud Tester in my spare time?

Many of our Cloud Testers enjoy the flexibility of working the hours that suit them, as projects can generally be undertaken in your own time. Every now and then we do have project that must be completed within specific testing times, but that is always made clear at the outset of any engagement.

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